Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Phasing Out...

I will be transfering the blog entries from The World of Half Price Living over to Frugal Living Makeover. I hate to lose any comments, but I don't know if I can transfer them as well:(
Please join my other site and view what interesting things that might come up!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Carolina Thrift

Carolina Thrift is in a category of its own! This thrift store is located on Wendover in Greensboro NC and on Main Street in High Point NC. This place is like GoodWill Stores on steroids!!!
Here is how the store works - Items are tagged with different colors. (Some items have the original tags! Brand new at GREAT deals!)
The Greensboro store is a 3-story warehouse!

Sunday – one color is 75% off and one is 25% off
Monday – ALL clothes, shoes, purses, socks, scarves, pocketbooks are 50% off
Tuesday through Saturday – one color is 50% off and one is 25% off
Holidays – EVERYTHING is 50% off (except brand new items - but sometimes they even include those in the sale!)...Call ahead for special days...and let me know what awesome deals that you find. I will post some of my amazing deals very soon.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I LOVE My Mary Kay Consultant!

You will not believe the deal that I got through my MK Consultant, Mary Langsdorf! There are new products and styles coming out soon and therefore that means HUGE CLEARANCE on overstocked items:) This is a list of what I bought:

Cheek Color: Santa Fe Sun Duet $10.00 SALE $1
Lip Color Stick: Berry Silk $14.00 SALE $1
Lip Color Stick: Teak Garden $14.00 SALE $1
Lip Color Stick: Tawny Twilight $14.00 SALE $1
Lip Color Stick: Blush Blossom $14.00 SALE $1
Beige 304 (P) Dual-Coverage $14.00 SALE $1
Ivory 104 (P) Dual-Coverage $14.00 SALE $1
Blush Ivory Cream Foundation $16.00 SALE $1
Foundation Compact $9.00 SALE $FREE
Foundation Compact $9.00 SALE $FREE
Foundation Compact $9.00 SALE $FREE
Eye Color: Double Espresso Duet $6.50 SALE $1
Eye Color: Rose Mist $6.50 SALE $1
Eye Color: Lucky Penny $6.50 SALE $1
Eye Color: Sugarplum $6.50 SALE $1
Eye Color: Sheer Pink $6.50 SALE $1
Eye Color: Java Duet $6.50 SALE $1
Color Compact $8.00 SALE $FREE
Color Compact $8.00 SALE $FREE
Color Compact $8.00 SALE $FREE
Round Powder Brush 3 at $4.00 SALE $1
23 items total
Sales Tax
$17.66 TOTAL!!!!!! You can't even get 2 items for that price regularly!! Oh, I love a good deal! If anyone out there needs a MK Consultant - I have the best and she is available to make you look like a movie star, or close enough:)
p.s. She also stuck in there a travel size of the TimeWise Cellu-Shape Contouring that probably cost twice as much as my whole order!! Sorry though, no before and after pics of how it works from me!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick Day Celebrations

St. Patrick's Day celebrations for the kids can be lots of fun…if anyone has ideas of their own, please share with us all! This is a list of ideas, most of what we will be doing this year and have done in the past –

*Wearing GREEN of course! (and pinching anyone who doesn't!!!)

*Making a Shamrock Cake or Cupcakes.
*Decorating a page with festive Patty d├ęcor.
*Watch the video "The Best Birthday Present Ever" (the Busy world of Richard Scarry) – it
has a cartoon "Patrick Pig Learns to Talk" – it is about the Blarney Stone.
*Playing "Get out of Ireland you snakes!" game, many times – hide a toy snake somewhere
in the room, when a child finds it, they yell "Get out of Ireland you snakes!" to go
along with the legend that St. Patrick banished all of the snakes from Ireland.
*Watch the documentary "Patrick" narrated by Liam Neeson.
*Playing "Find the Four leaf Clover" game – cut out many 3 leaf clovers from construction
paper, cut out a few 4 leaf clovers also. Spread them on the floor and let the
children try to find the 4 leaf clovers.
*Watch the video " Darby O'Gil and the Little People" with Sean Connery. (this is one of
our absolute favs!)
*Dancing some Irish Jigs.
*Reading lots of books about St. Patrick and the Irish, like St. Patrick's Day in the Morning.
*Playing "Luck o' the Irish" game – cut a small 4 leaf clover or piece of gold out of construction
paper or use a penny. Take turns being it. The "it" person sits in a chair in front of
the couch with a blindfold over their eyes. The others decide who will have the "lucky
piece" (LP) cupped in their hands in front of them. The "it" person removes the
blindfold and guesses who has the "LP". If "it" guesses correctly, they say "luck o'the
Irish" very loudly and get to do it again. If "it" guesses incorrectly, the one who is
holding the "LP" gets to try their luck at guessing.
*Listen to The Adventures in Odyssey – St. Patrick Afire 1 & 2 on Days to Remember. This is
about the TRUE meaning of St. Patrick's Day and what he accomplished in the land of
Ireland amongst the Druids.
*Make Shamrock buttons and hair pieces from foam or felt or both!
*Watch the Veggie Tales Sumo of the Opera dvd – it has a short flannel board story of
St. Patrick, his origins, shamrocks, Christianity, etc. Great for the youngest ones.

We have lots of fun celebrating on one of the last 2 Saints Days recognized on the calendar! Enjoy your day of GREEN and find out more about who St. Patrick truly was.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Shrove Tuesday Remembrance - Pancakes with Pigs

Many people celebrate the day before Lent begins with a HUGE pancake dinner. We decided to do this at home this year. I was getting the bacon ready to cook; my ds5 is watching me maneuver the bacon onto the microwave plate and says, " Mmmmm, that's a pig!"

My dd8 says, "I hope it's not Babe!" (We had seen the movie not too long ago).

My ds replies, "'No, this was a bad pig."

I also cooked some smoked sausage in a pot on the stove, and my dd8 tells her brother, "The lid that bubbles is the bad pig trying to get out!" He didn't like to look at the boiling pot after this!

All pig talk aside, we had a marvelous meal which my kids thoroughly enjoyed (bacon and smoked sausage being two of the few meats that they actually eat!). I made humongous pancakes and topped them with whipped cream and (mine) peaches (not a regular practice although it may quickly become one!).

*The Bisquick box (with which I made the pancakes): FREE with coupons.

*Peaches: 15 cents on clearance.

*Cool Whip: FREE with coupon.

*Bacon: 85 cents with coupon.

*Smoked sausage: $1.20 on clearance.

So our whole FAT TUESDAY FEAST cost us (under) a whopping $3.00 for the whole family!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yard Sale Season - $40 pictures for .75 EACH!!!

This is the most exciting time of the year for me...finding rock-bottom prices is my passion and it amazes me at what people find "worthless" that is treasure for so many of us! I went last Saturday at the tail end of the yard sale time (which is noon for most). At this time, most people are GIVING stuff away. As I was on my way home from teaching a Half Price Living Seminar, I followed some random signs and found such a great deal. I got 4 HEAVY Kirklands pictures for .75 each - $3 total. One had an original price tag of $39.95 and a sale tag of $29.95. So, if I had paid FULL price for all it would have cost me $120 - so you could say that I saved $117 on my new pictures. WOW! I love YARD SALES!!!!!
p.s. There were a few "white marks" from the print being scraped on something - I got some tea bags from when I had just made tea, and rubbed it on the marks. You can't even tell that they were there!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Spaghetti Biscuit Cups

This meal cost me less than $1 for my whole family! Now let me start by saying - half of it was left overs from sweet Nana giving us the spaghetti sauce and salad. I had a can of Grands Layers Biscuits that I peeled in half and put in muffin tins (makes 16 total), that was $.30 with a coupon. I pressed the half biscuits down in the cup - added a heaping spoonful of sauce and topped it with cheese. The Betty Crocker Garlic and Herb Pouch potatoes were $.10 with a coupon, the croutons were $.29 with a coupon, the Salad Spritzer was FREE with a coupon, and voila, a fabulous meal for under $1. Leftovers never tasted SSOOOO good!